AWS Penetration Testing Services

At Thwart Cyber, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art AWS Penetration Testing services, designed to assess, identify, and mitigate any vulnerabilities present in your AWS environment..

Why AWS Pen Testing Is Critical

With cyber threats on the rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure your AWS infrastructure is robust and secure. Through our pen testing services, we simulate real-world cyber attacks in a controlled environment, giving you the chance to evaluate your system’s resistance against potential threats. We adopt a comprehensive approach, using advanced tools and techniques to stress test your entire AWS architecture, from EC2 instances to S3 buckets, from IAM policies to VPC configurations.

Testing Services

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Testing:

This phase involves testing the access controls, user roles, and policies set up in your AWS environment. It includes verifying if the principle of least privilege is being followed, checking for overly permissive IAM roles, and identifying any misconfigurations that may allow unauthorized access to your AWS resources.

Amazon VPC Testing:

This phase involves testing the configurations of your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), including route tables, network access control lists (NACLs), subnet settings, and VPC peering connections. It's important to identify any misconfigurations that could allow unauthorized access or data leakage.

Amazon S3 Bucket Testing

S3 bucket testing aims to identify any misconfigurations in the bucket policies or access control lists (ACLs). This phase involves checking for unsecured S3 buckets, which might be publicly accessible or writable, potentially exposing sensitive data.

EC2 Instance and Security Group Testing:

EC2 instances often run mission-critical applications, making them a prime target for attackers. This phase includes testing for security group misconfigurations, insecure protocols, and open ports. It also involves performing vulnerability scans and testing the instance metadata service for potential security issues.

Serverless Architecture Testing:

If your AWS environment utilizes serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, it's crucial to assess the associated security configurations. This phase involves testing event data injection, insecure deployment settings, IAM execution roles, and function isolation in your serverless architecture.

Penetration testing

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